Our Team

GSL employs more than 200 in-house linguists and over 3,000 contracted linguists from more than 40 countries and regions. We have also established strategic partnerships with translation and localization companies in 21 countries worldwide.
Marketing and Project Management Teams:
Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, the UK
Translation & Production Centers:
Hefei & Chengdu: With more than 100 full-time translators and reviewers
VM Management Team:
Beijing: We have 3000+ local translators and proofreaders who come from 80+ different countries, and we work with universities and translation teams.
Localization and Layout Team:
Hefei, Chengdu & Shanghai: With more than 20 localization engineers and DTP engineers
Localization and Layout Team:
Xiamen: A top R&D team from Xiamen University and its Artificial Intelligence Lab.
GSL’s core R&D members have been engaged in natural language processing and machine translation for more than 30 years. They have mastered three generations of machine translation technologies (RBMT, SMT, NMT), and made such technologies open source. These technologies can complement each other to solve technical problems. Their technological achievements have demonstrated a remarkable performance in various major global machine translation evaluations.

Professional translation experience

On average, our translators have more than five years of experience in the translation and localization industry (covering fields such as IT, electronics, communications, energy, machinery, etc., and handling documents such as technical manuals, user manuals, websites, markets, management, etc.).

Rich experience in project management

Each PM has more than five years of experience in multilingual project management, and can manage more than 30 languages.

Flexible Working Hours

To cope with time difference, our project managers (PM) work in two shifts. We hunt for native translators around the world via multiple channels to reserve the best translators.