Governments, Schools, and Industry Associations
With the rapid development of globalization and the continual advancement of human integration, more and more government agencies, schools, and various business associations are organizing international exchange events, increasing the needs for excellent translation talents who understand the trinity of governments, schools, and businesses well. Uniting rich experiences in language technologies and a team of excellent human resources, GSL is able to supply clients with complete solutions.
  • Simultaneous interpretation for international exchanges
  • Translation of government reports
  • Production of materials related to investment promotions
Our Strengths:
We have a rigorous internal training mechanism in place to make sure we can cultivate a large number of outstanding talents. Our competent translators are able to provide professional and flexible translations to companies, industry associations and governments by viewing their work from the perspective of market demands and top-level designs. We have also established smooth human resource export and import channels at home and abroad. Hunting geniuses via channels like talent markets, intermediary agencies, special job fairs in colleges, and our websites, we have established a huge talent pool. At the same time, we have good and effective communication with relevant government departments and have received strong support from local government offices. We also have a service network covering the whole country. All branches work together to provide clients with professional and fast products to a unified standard.

We act in accordance with client requirements, and integrate resources to provide professional and efficient human resource service solutions and follow-up services.