Outsourced Services
Agent Recruitment
GSL will recommend qualified candidates to clients once the client has signed a headhunting agreement with us. Clients can simply pay us the headhunting fee and sign employment contracts directly with the candidates. This service can help clients find the most needed professional translation talent at the lowest cost and fastest speed.

GSL mainly provides the following outsourced services: 
① Language-related human resources outsourcing (including translators, editors, and professionals for localization projects and tests)
② Desktop publishing personnel outsourcing
③ Technical engineer outsourcing
Labor Dispatch
Dispatched labor agencies establish labor relations and sign labor contracts with workers, and establish working relationships with client companies.

We can establish employment relationships and sign labor contracts with workers, and establish dispatch relationships and sign labor dispatch agreements with client businesses, who then establish working relationships with the workers.

The biggest feature of this relationship is the separation of the employment and the use of manpower. Personnel management work is reduced to the greatest extent for client companies when this practice is implemented. 

This reduces their workload and helps them to concentrate on market competition. It also straightens out labor relations, standardizes employment practices, and establishes harmonious and stable working relationships between workers and the client company.