Technical Writing
Game Localization
Website Localization
Software Localization
Desktop Publishing
Technical Writing
It generally consists of five steps:
1. Preparation
This job includes defining the main goals of the text, assessing the information needs of the audience/reader, determining the scope of the writing, and selecting the appropriate medium.
2. Investigation and Surveys
Collect relevant information through on-site surveys, telephone calls, conferences, seminars, libraries and the Internet, and take detailed notes.
3. Organization of Information
Following a certain index form, collate and organize the random and incoherent information collected during investigations and surveys. The way you organize this information may form different habits.
4. Writing
Write the outline first, and then flesh it out into paragraphs. Don't worry too much about grammar, conciseness of language, or punctuation during the first draft.
5. Refining and Polishing
Check the draft to see if it is accurate, complete, and if it has achieved the goals and met the readers’ needs effectively. Read it over several times to locate and correct any mistakes or errors. Focus on severe issues such as uniformity and coherence first, and leave mechanical corrections (such as spellings and punctuations) to later revisions. For important documents, consider inviting others to review them and suggest improvements.
Game Localization

Languages and file types we can manage

Technical languages

  • C, C++, C# 
  • VB, VB.Net 
  • Delphi 
  • Java, J# 
  • Perl, Python
  • PHP 
  • HTML, XML 
  • Flash 
  • Ajax 
  • VB.NET 
  • ColdFusion
  • etc.

File types

  • jar 
  • exe, asp, aspx 
  • cgi 
  • pl, php
  • html,.xml, .xhtml
  • swf
  • fla
  • asp,
  • aspx 
  • jsp

Common platforms

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Nintendo Game Cube
  • Mac
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • etc
With the continuous development of the gaming industry, people are increasingly aware of the importance of international markets and the degree of localization is also growing.

Successful completion of game localization and popularity among players from different cultural backgrounds determine the success, longevity, and profitability of games.

Our company has senior game translators, experienced technical staff and artists to ensure professional game localization work.
Website Localization
This doesn't mean that you can simply replace the source with target language. Since businesses have different focuses for each target language market, you need to conduct a full investigation and analysis of the specific target market and then redesign the website. This will allow you to gain unexpected results and contribute to your business' success in that market by localizing your website.

Our Service:

  • Dreamweaver、Microsoft ASP、Microsoft Front Page
  • supports formats such as Access, SQL, Oracle

CGI, ASP, PHP, JSP programming, etc 
Our Processes:
  • Identify parts to be localized and parts to leave alone
  • This usually starts by retrieving the source website. Localizers should try to get as much source content as possible, and then extract some important terms and high-frequency entries. 
  • Once the glossary in the source language is created, it should be submitted to the client.
  • This step should clearly define all relevant grammatical conventions.
  • In addition, it should include guidelines on brand identity when promoting the client's brand in different languages.
  • Extract and translate content from web pages.
  • Before actually translating website content on a large scale, we select some of the most representative sample documents and do test translations. This ensure our clients' expectations are in line with the actual translation.
  • Replace the source with target language, and adjust HTML codes to manufacture a localized version
  • Translate and process background interfaces, and develop localized versions of running programs
  • Publish localized test versions, perform trial runs and version tests to ensure that the websites function normally
  • Publish the official running versions of websites.
  • The traditional update management method comes with one big flaw. Glodom applys XML to effectively reduce the repeated generation of new content.
  • In other words, content needing localizing will be reduced accordingly, which reduces the maintenance costs for globalized sites.

Software Localization
This process incorporates computer software engineering calculations, translation technology and quality assurance technology, with software engineering technology, which processes file content by using character sets and file encoding as the bases. Based on translation memory technology and terminology technology, translation technology uses various computer-aided translation tools, format conversion tools, and inspection tools to ensure the quality of localization products. 

 We have a team of excellent technical translators and a group of capable software engineers and desktop publishing professionals who have been engaged in this filed for many years and are proficient in operating localization technologies in various software and hardware environments.

Our services include: localization of software interfaces, online help files, and manuals.
There is a big difference between localizing courseware and localizing regular documentation and software. Courseware is designed to make it easier and more intuitive for end users to learn knowledge and skills. So seemingly simple courseware is often the platform for showing the latest technology. Therefore, localizing courseware will involve more resources.

I. Localization of Courseware Content

Sample content
Image text 
Audio text
Interface text 
Description content

II. Localization of Graphics in Courseware

Capture Graphics 
Produce Graphics

III. Localization of Sounds in Courseware

Prepare Scripts 
Record Sounds 
Process Sounds
Desktop Publishing
As a crucial link and the final stage for localization projects, desktop publishing (DTP) refers to the practice of arranging translated documents into a unified format. This includes page layout, PostScript output, and graphics localization.

Our DTP team is well versed in using publishing software on Mac/PC. Boasting a font library for nearly 100 languages, they can typeset, proofread, and review any complex files and offer DTP services for almost all languages in the world. We have served many clients and processed tens of millions of pages. We are capable of meeting the needs for various formats, languages, and tools.